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Unidade Móvel

About Us

Since 1981, our focus has been on Intellectual Property. With efficiency, quality, dynamism and ethics, we have worked to guarantee results that benefit our clients in their strategic decision-making processes, with a view to securing an improved positioning on the home market and in other countries.



We provide services in the administrative and legal areas related to obtaining and protecting trademarks and other distinctive signs, patents, software, as well as copyright and other intangible assets that make up the immaterial wealth of our clients.


We perform all the steps needed to obtain trademark registrations, includingsearches, filings and petitions in the administrative sphere. We monitorour cases and those of third parties that are published in the Industrial Property Gazette (RPI) issued by the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).


Our clients’ innovations and inventions must be duly protected. To this end, our team is made up of technicians who evaluate the preliminary searches and conduct the processes throughout the administrative phase.


Analyzing the need and importance of registering artistic, scientific and literary works before theproper agencies is the task executed by our team viewing the ideal protection of the rights owned by our clients.


Registering software assures its owner enforcement powers over offending third parties. Our technical and legal advisors enable clients to obtain the broadest guidance and protection of this asset.


In the ambit of judicial litigation, we plan and carry out procedural strategies in matters that are relevant for our clients, before the courts of all states of the Federationand, particularly, in Brasília.


Our multi-disciplinary team is based in Rio de Janeiro and is always on-call to provide customized attention to whatever needs our clients may have in the field of Intellectual Property.

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Rua São José 40/4th Floor - Centro - Rio de Janeiro / RJ - Brazil
CEP: 20010-020